The Business Software As a Service platform being used by Polices Organizations all over the world

  • Day to day operations: Smart Police® facilitates comprehensive records collection on the spot for real-time sharing, compliant with state and federal mandates.
  • Data and Media are used within the agency or shared seamlessly across disciplines and jurisdictions on investigations. No more lost files, no more time wasted.
  • AI-powered data analysis allows early risk detection and anticipated staff allocation. The right response at the right place at the right time.
  • Real-time agents geolocation on the field and advanced Computer-Aided Dispatch.
  • Smart Police® was designed with the highest standards of security and stress-tested accordingly. Smart Police® is a cloud-based solution whose features are available from anywhere, online or offline.
  • 10-year experience in addressing urban safety issues.


EDICIA will be at the 2017 IACP Conference

As a worldwide leader for Public and Urban Safety, with SMART Solutions for Law Enforcement, Transportation Management, and Parking Control, EDICIA is recognized as the trail-blazer for consistently bringing tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology to the markets of Europe, North America, Middle East, and Africa today!  EDICIA will be at the 2017 IACP Conference (October 21-24).  …



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