EDICIA is an International public safety solution specialist.
Common risk prevention and the protection of people in public spaces are the two major issues for security officials today and in the years to come. To confront such a vast problem, with the support of the public authorities and consultation with elected officials, security officers, field agents and technology experts, EDICIA has created 4 software solutions : SMART POLICE FOR PUBLIC SAFETY, SMART POLICE FOR ROAD SAFETY SMART CONTROL FOR PARKING and SMART CONTROL FOR TRANSPORTATION to meet the ever-increasing need for prevention, control and security in the city (buildings and public spaces, public transport, etc.)

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Cities and urban communities, public establishments, government departments, concessionaires, integrators


State and Local police

National police and Federal police

Port authority and transportation police

Border Controls

Environment and hygiene police


Cities and urban communities, public establishments, state departments, concessionaires, integrators


Local police

Public road security officers

Parking controllers


Cities and urban communities, public establishments, state departments, concessionaires, integrators


Railway controllers

Metropolitan transport controllers (subway, lightrail, bus)


EDICIA at the CACP Annual Conference

The positive turn-out EDICIA experienced this year during the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) annual conference was intense, with a vast number of Chiefs and other higher-ranking officials participating in demonstrations of our software, engaging in meaningful conversations with our representatives, and requesting meetings at their headquarters to further discuss implementation of our…


SMART POLICE is more than a simple RMS

SMART POLICE is an OMS (Operational Management System) allowing law enforcement agencies immediate technology advancements into the 21st Century! With over 10 years of R & D by police officers for police officers, EDICIA’s OMS solutions combine over 30 applications into one platform, offering the ultimate in complete software packages available to law enforcement worldwide…



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