EDICIA an International specialist in public safety solutions

Common risk prevention and the protection of people in public spaces are the two major issues for security officials today and in the years to come. To confront such a vast problem, in 2008 EDICIA launched a number of important research and innovation programs, with the support of the public authorities and consultation with elected officials, security officers, field agents and technology experts.

Our specialty: Police and control software

• 10 years of research and development
• First fundraising achieved in 2013 for our International development
• Our solutions are used by 10,000 police officers and controllers in France and abroad
• Collaboration with the French Army
• Our software products are also deployed in the USA
• Worldwide distribution agreements with large systems integrators, in the SMART CITY market


Financial sustainability and capital independence
• Most of the shares are owned by company Board members
• Shares also owned by the Parisian investment fund NEW FUND


Standardizing workgroups and clubs
• FNMS (French National Federation of Parking Trades)
• European Security Association
• UTP (French Union of Public Transporters)
• AFDEL (French Association of Software and Internet Companies)