cloud-confidenceEDICIA is a founding member of CLOUD CONFIDENCE

Cloud Confidence is a French association created in July 2014, whose mission is to promote trust in Cloud Computing activities between professionals and users, also with public authorities in Europe and worldwide. The Association aims to accelerate the use of the Cloud to help the economy and customers.


A transparent framework based on trust

Cloud Confidence provides Cloud service providers and clients a framework of transparency centered on the protection, privacy and security of customer data, whether for business or personal matter. This initiative includes a certification of Cloud service provider’s offers, based on references and the EU Community Trademark “Cloud Confidence”. Certification will be awarded by independent organizations accredited by the authorities, and approved by the Association, such as LSTI Company in France. The association Cloud Confidence, through its three strengths – providers, customers and ecosystem – wishes to improve cooperation:

Between Cloud providers, the clients and the ecosystem, to better meet user need.
Between Cloud professionals and governing powers in Europe and worldwide to anticipate regulatory changes.
Cloud Confidence operates in a growing sector: in 2013, according to Forrester Research, the global public Cloud market was already $58 billion, and will be $133 billion in 2020. In 2013 in France, according to the IDC, the total Cloud B-to-B market nears 1.5 billion euros, with an expected growth of 25% per year over the period 2014-2018.


The players of Cloud Confidence

The association has today more than 15 organizations of all sizes, spread over three types, of which 10 are founding members, including EDICIA.


Main points differentiating Cloud Confidence

The association Cloud Confidence brings together providers, users and members of the ecosystem for the development of a Cloud Confidence reference base, ensuring a pragmatic and balanced view.
Cloud Confidence reference base is not a new security standard. Instead, it relies on existing security technical standards to focus on trust, particularly through the examination of the contract between the Cloud services provider and its customer.
Cloud Confidence reference base explicitly requests providers to commit to not be subjected to legislation of a country that is not a member of the European Economic Area (EEA).
The Cloud Confidence reference aims to cover not only personal data but more broadly all customer data. It is therefore based on existing regulations on personal data but is also likely to include regulations dealing with business privacy. Some of the provisions of the reference base apply globally to all types of customer data.
Cloud Confidence reference stipulates that certified offers are based on a data hosting found within the European Economic Area.


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